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BTS  offer following services to suit the requirement of our customers: :

  • Roasting of various Powdered and Granular Material.
  • Design and Engineering services for Process Industries.

   Roasting Services

With our state of the art facility at Dewas, we offer our client Roasted Powder or Granular products as per their specific requirement. Clients can get there quality product roasted at our facility and can also do the packing in their own brand name. 

 We also have the Pouch Packing machine being setup at the site to entertain such order.

We, being centrally placed and on National Highway, can service the requirement of roasting from all parts of India. 

Benefits Available:

  • Low roasting cost as against prevalent techniques being adopted by regular suppliers.  
  • High Production capacity of upto 20 Tons per day. 
  • Highly uniform product output.
  • Client specific packing of the product can be done. 
  • Clients can save upon the transportation cost when supplying to out of the state customers.
  • Uncompromising quality control.
  • We can also work on various recipes and do mixing of your roasted product with allied materials. 

   Design & Engineering Services

With years of experience in manufacturing of innovative equipments for process industries, we offer customize solutions for improving efficiency and performance of Process Industries.

Be it Food Processing, Mineral Processing, Solid Waste Processing or any other process industries, we undertake design services for all of them. 


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