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BTS offers a “turn-Key’ solution to integrated municipal solid waste management, covering all aspects viz. Collection / Transportation, Segregation / Resource Recovery and Final Disposal.

Carrying on the rich experience of its Directors in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management, BTS offers many indigenously designed and manufactured equipment like Windrow Turner, Trommel , Shredder, Air Density Separator, Rotary Dryer, and all associated accessories.

   Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Composting Facility

We offer a ‘Turn-Key’ solution for Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Composting Facility including civil, mechanical, electrical works. 

  • Facility is designed for as low as 10000 Tons Per Annum to 600000 Tons Per Annum. 
  • All the equipments on offer are made indigenously at a fully equipped facility. 
  • Products recovered are:
    1. Organic Manure
    2. Recyclables.

   Municipal Solid Waste RDF Fluff Recovery Facility

We are engaged in design and execution of Municipal Solid Waste RDF Fluff recovery facility with capacities ranging from 5 TPH to 30 TPH. All the equipments are indigenously manufactured. 

Our equipment range includes:

  • Trommel 
  • Shredder 
  • Air Density Separator
  • Dryer
  • Adhere-Bounce Conveyors
  • Sorting Station

   Municipal Solid Waste Sorting cum Transfer Station

The concept of Sorting cum Transfer Station in such cities will give lot of additional benefits when compared with standard transfer station . Such benefits are :

  • Reduces the costs involved in transfer of waste to sanitary landfill by 20%.
  • Enables one to separate organic, inorganic and recyclables from the municipal solid waste so that each fraction can be directed to their designated site.
  • Decreases the size of Processing Facility ( i.e Compost Plant, RDF Plant etc. ) by over 30 %. 
  • Decrease the operational expenses involved in a Processing Facility, thus , enable it to improve its economics. 
  • Deodorisation and sanitisation of waste is done in the facility, so that transportation becomes more hygienic.
  • Increases the shelf life of Sanitary Landfill by 20%.
  • Aid in fulfilling mandates of Municipal Solid Waste Handling Rules 2000.
  • Employment for Rag pickers.
  • No Source Segregation is required.

   Windrow Turner 

WT-1000 is an innovative product specifically designed for application in Municipal Solid Waste Processing and Sugar Industry with special considerations to high capacity, ease and economy of operations, easy maintenance, low downtime and low initial cost. 

This indigenously manufactured equipment is capable of handling municipal solid waste with ease and gives you very high capacities at low operating cost.

Windrow Turner is available in two different configurations, one with rear discharge and the other with side discharge.

   MSW Collection & Transportation Equipments

We manufacture wide range of collection and transportation equipment for handling Mixed Municipal Solid Waste. Our Product Range includes:

  • Front End Loader
  • Container Carrier
  • Auto Tipper
  • Mini Compactor

We also offer products such as Garbage Bins, Sanitiser, De-odoriser etc.

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