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BTS offer wide range of design and engineering services suitable for process industries. Integrating our experience with the customers requirement, we ensure that the customers gets maximum out of its machinery. We introduce efficiency, performance, ease of operation and advance features in a process industry.


   Municipal Solid Waste Management 

We offer services for Primary and Secondary Collection , Transfer Station , Sorting Station, Treatment Facility including Composting, Invessel Technology, RDF Fluff & Pelletisation, Waste to Energy Projects, and Biomethanation Projects. Plastic Recycling and other allied products. We offer services for sanitary landfill construction and management .

   Material Handling Equipments

We offer design services for special purpose equipments for material loading , unloading , lifting , and movement.

   Hydraulic Circuit and Power Packs

We design hydraulic circuits and power packs to serve to the purpose of our customer . We also design hydraulic units to reduce electricity consumption .

   Hydraulic Components

We do the design analysis of Hydraulic Components like Motors, Pumps, Valves, Gearbox etc. suiting to the requirement of our valued clients. We also do the field testing of various components to check its adaptability and various other parameters of operation.

   Food Processing

We design various material handling , screening , sizing , cleaning , grinding , cooking / roasting and mixing equipments for food processing industries.

   Mineral Processing

BTS are also into design and engineering of process industries working in the field of cement production , coal sizing and washing , girt and stone manufacturing .

   Size Separation Technologies

BTS expertise in system designing for sizing and grading of wide variety of materials like minerals , grains , municipal solid waste.

   Industrial Automation

BTS designs automation for processing equipments . Level of automation varies with requirement of customers and involves features like central control , enhanced safety measures , in process monitoring , process control etc .



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